GameJam 2016: Winners!

Congratulations to GameJam 2016 winners!

Team Ederlezi Rising

Film - Ederlezi Rising by Lazar Bodroza (Serbia). Production company Mir Media Group, producer Aleksandar Protic.

The film is telling a story of a man travelling in outer space. He created an android woman to be his mate, love him and support in his journey. But one day she decided NOT to love him anymore.

The game that was developed during GameJam is a first person survival game where the player takes the role of the female android robot, the lead character from the movie. In the movie the female-looking robot is programmed by a man living in solitary in a spaceship in order to satisfy his needs. The game takes place in the aftermath of him getting bored with the android and the robot surpassing the need to serve the human master. Game is raw survival situation - either the robot or the man must make it as a winner!


The game is build using Unreal Engine 4, running on PC.

Team decided to develop it further and now looking for investments to complete the project.

Game developers team:

  • Aleksei Nehoroshkin - game producer
  • Oleg Tsurikov
  • Sergei Kirillov
  • Anton Aleknavitsjus
  • Octavio Pozo Garcia
  • Alice Morozov
  • Martin Viidik


ederlezi_game1 ederlezi_game2 ederlezi_game3 ederlezi_game4 ederlezi_game5