Event: IndieDev Days Conference 2015


IndieDev Days Conference

"From One Developer to Another"

November 19th 10:00 - 17:30
NO99 Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia  (Sakala street 3, 2nd floor “Valge saal”)


The IndieDev Conference, is the first ever indie developers conference held in Tallinn, Estonia promoting independent game development and providing the existing game studios with tips and tricks for survival. Free conference open to all visitors is held on November 19th in beautiful Theater NO99 in Tallinn and organised in partnership with Black Nights Film Festival, one of the largest and most known in Northern Europe, and The Digital Corner, the brand new interactive technology showcase promoting the cream of audiovisual, media gaming and technology startups from Estonia, Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

IndieDev Conference is concentrating on learning from others - hearing about failures, key differences what make a small game studio successful and what kind of simple tools a small studio could use in order to survive and grow. Local and international speakers will be sharing their stories and give advice on services most useful for a smaller studio.

It all happens in an intimate setting of Theater NO99 provoking discussion between personalities about real stories. At the same time the event is taking place parallel to the The Digital Corner (DC) also held in the theatre house in Tallinn, Estonia during the annual full fledged summit of audiovisual professionals Industry@Tallinn and the European Film Forum Tallinn conference. The DC will be accompanied by an international press strategy across domestic and international media outlets including the key audiovisual industry publications The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Screen International plus a selection of pan-European and foreign press. A great opportunity for new media contacts.


Speakers will cover various topics relevant for day-to-day indie development. Such as customer engagement and monetization, bootstrapping indie development, setting up an indie company, getting creative in programming and relevance of high quality animation in games.


10:00 - Registration & playing indie games
11:00 - Ilona Tsurilova (InMobi)
11:30 - Garrett Weinzierl (PlayWin)
12:00 - Kaspar Roost & Rene Rebane (Rikai Games)
13:00 - Lunch & games
14:15 - Henri Laupmaa (FundWise)
14:30 - Riho Peterson (Tulevik.EU)
15:00 - Edvin Aedma (Interactive Fate)
15:30 - José Prieto Garay (Sama Sama Studios)
16:00 - Filipp Keks (Creative Mobile)
16:30 - Ulrich Wegenast (School of Film & Television „Konrad Wolf“ Potsdam-Babelsberg)



Ilona Tsurilova, Business Development Manager at Inmobi

Speaker Bio: Ilona did her Masters in Hult International Business School, San Francisco. She has a successful track record helping app developers and premium publishers with tailoring and innovating mobile advertising to their needs. She has worked with several large-scale news and social apps such as CNN, BitTorrent, the Weather Channel, and Skype.
Title: Monetization as an Integral Part of Game Design
Synopsis: As game developers, we obsess about our game. Monetization often ends up being an afterthought which means that it frequently doesn’t tie in with other game elements. How do developers make monetization an integral part of the game development process? What factors do developers need to consider as part of game design? In this presentation, Ilona Tsurilova, Business Development Manager with InMobi, discusses these and other questions on monetization that can help developers improve their chances of success.


Garrett Weinzierl - founder at PlayWin.

With background in applied mathematics he has been turning his focus into real money skill gaming on mobile with PlayWin - creating a comprehensive acquisition, monetization, and engagement platform for iOS. He will give an overview of single player and multiplayer interaction and monetization methods.

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Kaspar Roost & Rene Rebane - game developers from Rikai Games.

The team recently launched a game called Bit by Bit with the goal of teaching kids thought processes behind programming.


Henri Laupmaa - CEO of Fundwise

Fundwise is a crowd investment platform for small to medium businesses in the CEE region. Funding hardware, consumer products, ICT, energy & clean tech and gaming projects.


Riho Peterson - CEO of tulevik.EU game development company.

Working on a nostalgic business simulator called Office Management 101. For the past months he has been negotiating with a number of indie publishers and will concentrate on the topic in his talk by giving a short overview what kind of indie publishers are out there and what he’s learned in the process of pitching to them.

Edvin Aedma - game designer and producer at Interactive Fate, private consultant and marketing/monetization specialist.

Teleglitch, a game he released together with Test3Projects and later published together with Paradox Interactive, has become the first Estonian game on Steam with over 700'000 downloads, with launch price at 12.99. Edvin will talk about the importance of marketing  for games among other topics.


José Prieto Garay- Game designer and founder at Sama Sama Studios, former programmer coordinator in Gameloft Indonesia.

After years in AAA studio he decided to move to Estonia and open an indie studio to pursue passion projects. He is currently working with an international team developing an offline multiplayer mobile game Flick Chess.


Filipp Keks - Software craftsman at Creative Mobile.

He has given many talks about being more creative in programming - a useful skill both in smaller and larger game studios.


Ulrich Wegenast - Honorary professor at the School of Film & Television „Konrad Wolf“ Potsdam-Babelsberg.

The Machinima scene, which used game engines to tell linear stories, have been the only community which tried to combine animation and games in a form of digital puppet play for more than 20 years. Since a few years we see a new development of artistic practice using the aesthetic of artistic and experimental animation for interactive works, games and apps. Ulrich will give his take on the newest trends of animation in games.


This event is free, but we ask you to register prior to the event HERE.

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Contact: info@igdaestonia.org

We hope to see you at IndieDev Days!

We thank our partners for their support.

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