The Estonian game industry currently counts approximately 80+ companies. The major hot spot of the industry is in the capital area. However lately also several regional game clusters were born all over Estonia.

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Abstractfactory OÜ

Acode OÜ
Game Developer20071

Adcash OÜ
Service Provider201193

The Adcash AdApt engine uses bleeding-edge algorithms to ensure maximum relevance. By analysing a wealth of historical data, in real-time, it’s able to make sure that the right ad appears, in an instant. The same functionality powers our Reach Estimate functionality, so advertisers can gauge the reach of their campaign, before launching.

AEG Music OÜ

Apollo Music Estonia is a music solution provider for film, television, advertisement and video game industries, offering a wide variety of products, including an extensive production music library, big network of composers, commercial music from our record label, music licensing and supervision solutions along with local customer service and support.

Animotoor OÜ

APT GameGenerator MTÜ
Educational Program20172

In APT GameGenerator we believe in the collective effort of making video games. People can make their game ideas a reality if they work together and support each other. One person hardly ever has the time or the skills needed to make a great game. Sharing the knowledge, the skills and the workload is essential for realizing great ideas. Our goals in APT GG are: Provide a collaborative environment for our members to find and help each other.Encourage learning among our members both through practice and from others. Support the creation of successful games and game studios in Estonia.

Bini Bambini OÜ
Game Developer20161

Bini Bambini is a group of very enthusiastic professionals including designers, artists, animators, programmers and musicians. We create digital games for children. Our goal is to create educational and developmental games for children. It has been established that children learn about the world through games and having fun.

Blue Arrow Games OÜ
Pixel War

The Tapping Dead

Zombie Kata

Blue Arrow Games is a new generation game publisher. We focus on quality, not quantity. This means we only publish themes where we have an edge over the competition. This means that we do not publish many categories, such as puzzle games for example. As of the beginning of 2015 we are especially interested in block style shooters and zombie games.

Bsbs Games OÜ

Codetec OÜ
Software solutions20141

Codetec is a global software and web application development company that has served more than 100 businesses to help them reach their organizational goals. We have developed a number of websites, desktop and mobile apps and custom software solutions in the healthcare, media & entertainment, education, manufacturing and other service segments.

Creative Mobile OÜ
Game Developer, Publisher201080
Drag Racing

Creative Mobile is an independent game developer and publisher consistently topping Android and iOS game charts. Best known for the Drag Racing series, the company defined a new genre of mobile games and has one of the most downloaded franchises of all time with 250 million lifetime installs.
Creative Mobile operates a Publishing department, helping indie developers and game companies bring their games to mobile markets.

Creative Soul OÜ

Creative Soul is a design and animation studio with vision focused on human creative capacities and the ways they could be improved.

Creepy Koala OÜ
Game Developer20175

Creepy Koala is a small game studio established in Estonia, founded by Latin-american guys living in Estonia. Our first game is The Walking Eddie.

Criffin RD OÜ
VR Solutions20123

Criffin has become an early leader in the development of hardware that enables full-body immersive experiences within virtual and blended reality. Criffin is active in the research and development of technologies which can bridge the gap between the real and virtual with the goal of providing progressive businesses, organizations and institutions with the end-to-end solutions they need to create the impossible.

Derivco Estonia OÜ

Derivco designs and develops trailblazing technology for Microgaming, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of online gaming.

Dev9k OÜ
Game Developer, Management and IT, Media and Marketing, Outsourcing, Service Provider, Web Solutions20132

De9k OÜ is specialized in Design, Web Services and Game Development.
Our mission is helping you in growing your business.

Devgame OÜ
Game Developer20172

The Fixies

We know the ingredients to prepare the most delicious kids’game: educational story, favorite characters and tons of adventures! Let’s play!

Elvior OÜ
Automated Testing, Service Provider19918

Elvior is focused on software development and software test automation. We are providing software testing services and tools. In software testing we specialise in test automation of embedded and distribution systems. Our core competencies are software black-box functional tests, test automation, TTCN-3 testing and model-based testing.

Enthelity Studios OÜ
3d Art, Art, Outsourcing20161

We are a small and passionate team of designers and game artists who concentrate fully on our clients needs and provide high quality results. Thinking outside the box is our main focus, making each and every design unique and appealing. We are hard working artists, who thrive on speed, accuracy and quality.

Escape Factory OÜ
Escape Engine

Escape Factory is the developer of the Escape Engine, which is a platform that helps to create, publish and promote 2D Games in room escape genre for different OS (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac).

EveryPay AS
Payment Services201211

From the largest multinationals, to localised eCommerce merchants: EveryPay takes care of your online payments.

Exset Labs B.Veesti Filiaal
Media and Marketing, Software solutions20122

Exset leads the world in value-add service (VAS) creation for digital TV networks using the latest smart technologies – ad Insertion, Smart Ad EPG, interactive advertising and services.

Fat Snail MTÜ
Art, Outsourcing, Service Provider20082
Abandoned Mine

Sergei Dragunov has over a decade of experience functioning as a Art Director for the games and art such a theatre, animation, advertising, and has remained passionately involved in many projects for gaming, animation and motion graphics in Germany, Russia, Estonia, USA, Switzerland

Flux OÜ
Service Provider20064

We are user experience designers.
We make complexity simpler.

Fox3D Entertainment OÜ
Game Developer, Outsourcing, Publisher20142
House of Languages VR

Sky Cups

Earth Rush

Treasure Path

Find a Hamster

Fox3D Games – a team of industry veterans and friends who love new challenges and strive to make great entertainment products at a world class level.

Foxium OÜ
Video Slots201511

Foxium is a Tallinn based creative game production studio, taking pride in pursuing high quality and level of detail in their projects. Thanks to an incredible mixture of creativity and experience, Foxium keeps pushing the bar of what can be expected from their studio. All their slot games are built around storytelling in order to give the end consumer a better game experience.

Frost FX OÜ
3D Animation200710

FrostFX is a 3D animation and visual effects studio based in Tallinn, Estonia, founded in 2008. Our creative team offers consultation, shoot supervision combined with creative solutions from commercials to corporate videos and feature films.

Frozen Kingdom OÜ
Design, Software solutions20111


Colorful Fate

Catch The Moon

Manky Run!

True Flies

Frozen Kingdom is a small design and software company that makes games, apps and concentrates on gamification solutions in different fields. Their goal is to bind art, psychology, computer and real worlds through games using the newest technologies and know how, to create an unforgettable experience in all of them.

Futuruum VR OÜ
VR Art and Entertainment20171

Futuruum offers the best virtual reality experience, without compromising on quality and comfort. Come alone or with a group of friends and enjoy a variety of games and experiences in our center.

Gamecan OÜ
Game Developer20171

Hi, we are Gamecan. Collectively we are an independent game development company based in Estonia, but working from various locations around the world. Since January 2015, we have been working on our first game – Overstep.

GameFounders OÜ
Accelerator Program20124

GameFounders is a global startup accelerator program that focuses solely on game studios and start-ups.

Gamelab MTÜ
Educational Program20171

GameLab is an event, designed to unite people with passion for creating video games. It will last throughout the academic year. The event is free and we welcome all levels of skill. You just have to bring your own laptop. Being a student of a partner university is not required. If you don’t have prior experience, don’t worry – you can take part in workshops for Unity and Blender to help you get going. We hold regular weekly meetings to make sure your project is on track. A few weeks in, we are going to have hackathons to speed up the development. Furthermore, there will be experts to advise you in all sides of your game’s development.

Hammer and Ravens OÜ
Game Developer20157
Empires in Ruins

Hammer&Ravens is an indie studio based in Tallinn with members coming from across Europe (Italy, Greece, Latvia and Germany). While the current focus of the team is on the Empires in Ruins game (and a couple of yet secret projects), the studio also offers freelancing services in the field of multimedia, 3D, AR and mobile development, with a roster of end clients as Coca Cola, Saku, Tele2, City of Stockholm, etc.

Headshot OÜ
Game Developer201610

Headshot Labs is a small, independent game developer based in Tallinn, Estonia, with a passion for crafting great games and online experiences. The Headshot Labs team is composed of members from around the world, with a diverse range of skills and professional experience.

Hexaster OÜ

Hypester OÜ
Game Developer200819

Hypester Games is a game studio that creates Free-to-Play games. Our games are for casual play and are available on Facebook Canvas platform and iOS.

Interactive Fate OÜ
Game Developer20145
Shortest Trip Back To Earth

Interactive Fate team consists of five people, ranging from experienced indie game developers to “game design & development” teachers from University of Tartu. In addition, Interactive Fate cooperates with Gamefounders accelerator.

Irys OÜ
Software solutions20151

Istario OÜ
Mobile Solutions, Web Solutions20131

Istario is a young small company providing mobile and web solutions for clients looking to establish or expand a presence on the iOS or Android devices.

Itech Media Solutions OÜ
Media and Marketing, Service Provider20103

iTech Media Solutions is a professional media buying and marketing agency specializing in developing complete business and marketing strategies to maximize your success.

Javelin OÜ
Game Developer, Software solutions20108
TDP5: Arena

TDP4: Team Battle

Heroes of the Sword

Rise of the Machines



Javelin specializes in wide-range software solutions starting from simple websites to really complicated applications. They develop multiplayer online games with large audience for the most popular social networks and create casual mobile games for different platforms (Android, iOS.)

Kaspar Tambur Music Projects OÜ

The aim of the company is to instil thought-provoking and also memorable music to multi-media platforms. Concerts, commercials, soundtracks, even plays. The company’s outlook is to influence every person of the world positively in understanding the need to have a sustainable idea of the planet’s resources a.k.a the things purely needed for life aside from those of artificial.
“I’m in the pursuit of searching for developers who have the desire to help humanity through the works of art and entertainment.”

KGaming OÜ
Game Developer20135
Kids & Words

Dwarves & Treasures

Demons vs. Wizards

K-Gaming is a game development studio established in Tallinn, Estonia back in 2011. The company consists of creative professionals from two leading and well-known Estonian companies – Design.ee and Wisercat Software. Companies that have earned worldwide recognition in their respected areas – professional design and software development.

Limestone Paekivi OÜ
Game Developer20168
Red Hot Iron

Linchpin Media OÜ

Long Sword OÜ
Apps developer, Game Developer20131

«Longsword» company is a professional game and apps developer aimed at delivering a new level of produst quality and user involvement. We are a full-circle developer with a strive towards awesome end products.

Lootbox OÜ
Game Developer20172
Cubey Colors

Lootbox is a studio founded by 2 intensely enthusiastic Estonian gentlemen, attempting to bring out fresh ideas and fun, rewarding gameplay to the wide masses. Our expertise is centered around rapid prototyping and refining gameplay mechanic aspects to distill enjoyable ideas into an accessible game for our players. To this end, we are well-versed in both the Unity (4, 5, 2017) and Unreal (3-4) engines. Our goal is to make the games that we would like to play ourselves, with as little shenanigans to annoy our players, and ourselves, as possible.

Maru VR Productions OÜ
VR Solutions20162

Maru VR creates custom made Virtual Reality solutions (simulations, attractions and interactive 360 degree videos) and software applications. We can create:
1. immersive and exciting attractions for tourism sector,
2. sales and marketing tools for visualisation of products/services,
3. simulations for improving efficiency of processes (productions, training, etc.)

Milu Interactive OÜ
Game Developer20131

Mobamanager OÜ
Game Developer20166

Mobamanager is a browser based management game, similar to CSManager, Managerzone, Hattrick etc. You will be competing against other users with your own Moba team. You get your own team with 5 initial players in it. Train, buy, sell players. Set your game strategy.

Mobil Ave OÜ
Management and IT, Mobile Solutions, Service Provider20151

As genuine consultants we provide independent solutions, tangible results and sustainable value to our clients.

Mooncascade OÜ
Software solutions200779

Mooncascade is the leading Estonian software and product development company founded by four software engineers, including two former Skype engineers. Embedded within the DNA of the company is a software engineering culture that is used to handling a complex set of platforms and architectural nuances.

One More Rabbit OÜ
Game Developer20133
Racing Wars

One More Rabbit is a close-knit team of creative people, each with a veteran background in games and always a trick up his or her sleeve to get the job done.

OpenMeGames OÜ
Media and Marketing201710

Open Mega provides full cycle video streaming and production for gaming companies. Also we are making the new generation media about gaming industry and culture for everyone. Within main social media platforms, we sharing our knowledge in easy-to-understand formats: adapted short videos, viral posts and interactive streams.

Playflame OÜ
Mobile Games20092
Escape With Words

Zombie’s Got a Pogo

Oil Hunt

Zombie High Dive

PlayFlame is all about making mobile and social games that millions of people love to play every month. Playflame’s focuses on creating outstanding games to make players happy.

Playtech Estonia OÜ

Playtech’s extensive product range includes Casino, Poker, Bingo, Live Games, Sports Betting, Binary Options, Mobile, Social Gaming, Lottery, Server-supported Terminals, as well as Casual and Fixed Odds Games.

PlayWin OÜ
Monetization Service Provider20146

PlayWin is a multiplayer platform allowing YOUR users to play against THEIR friends for real money.

Quartal Stuudio OÜ
Sound Design20142

Our services include location sound recording, dialogue recording, sound editing, design and mixing for feature films, animations, TV and commercials. We can also provide custom music, from orchestral to ambient to hip-hop.

Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming was founded in 2010 and has quickly expanded its now extensive portfolio of gaming products. The 70+ strong development team is mainly located in our headquarters right in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia, but we also have offices in Oulu, Helsinki and Vaasa, Finland. Relax Gaming today holds three licenses; in Alderney, in Malta and the UK.

Rikai Games OÜ
Game Developer20105

Rikai Games creates beautifully crafted mobile and computer games for all ages, creating new experiences for different digital devices. One of their favorite topics is how educational games can be fun and engaging.

Ringtail Studios Estonia OÜ
3d Art, Art, Outsourcing199925

Ringtail Studios is a fast-growing Art Development studio focused on providing development services for gaming and interactive-entertainment industries.

Rootalu Music OÜ

S.H.A.R.K Animationem Studio OÜ
Animation Studio201420

Sama Sama Studios OÜ
Apps developer, Game Developer, Outsourcing, Service Provider20154

Sama Sama Studios is an indie game development studio. It is founded by four ex-Gameloft seasoned game developers scattered around the globe (Argentina, Canada, Estonia and Indonesia). Running a fully digital office, it maintains the global view for the company operating in highly competitive gaming industry.

Serverscom Eesti OÜ
Service Provider20161

BeeHosting is a modern, cheap and innovative website hosting offered by a company with long operational experience in the sphere of IT-services.

Smartboard OÜ

Snowcat Games OÜ
Casino, Game Developer201325

Our mission is to be the best gaming operator and games developer in the industry, building and providing games that players love.
From a handful of talented designers, developers and operators, to a multi award-winning team of over a thousand, we’ve come a long way since 2002. Back then, Jackpotjoy was our only venture; now we operate some of the world’s biggest and best gaming sites and apps.

Subatomic OÜ
AR Educational Platform20177

Keemiku Kaardid Game

We are Augmented Reality and 3D modeling agency based in digital-savvy Estonia. Our team has a deep expertise and understanding of working with augmented reality, 3D and web solutions. We are ready to help to your company to supercharge your brand with our crafted technological solutions.

Tint OÜ

Toorium OÜ
Concept Design Studio20142

Toorium is a concept design studio located in Tallinn, Estonia. Our main focus is creating eye catching design concepts in the entertainment field and for real products.

Totemic Entertainment OÜ
Game Developer20161

Tulevik.EU OÜ
Game Developer20142
Office Management 101

Scenario 5B

Kingdom of Ehcilc

Pushback Cities

Tulevik.EU is a small privately held game development company founded by two brothers, Riho and Raimo Peterson.

Twotag Productions OÜ
3d Art, Outsourcing, VR Art and Entertainment20151

Venomite OÜ
Game Developer20161

Venomite Studios is an indie game development studio based in Tallinn, Estonia that is developing a secret new FPS project called Project Number 2. It is currently operated by Paul Sokk, who is rapidly learning entrepreneurship and raising capital while building an MVP for the next indie phenomenon.

Virtual Heritage OÜ
VR Museum Guide20162

Virtual Heritage OÜ is a company founded by three Estonians, trying to change the way content is being shown today.

Winterfrost OÜ
Game Developer20151

Wolfprint 3D OÜ
VR Solutions20137

Our goal in Wolf3D is to bring humanity into VR/AR, games and other virtual experiences. We are working to create virtual interactions between people that feel like the real deal.

ZA/UM Studios OÜ
Game Developer201520

NO TRUCE WITH THE FURIES is a police procedural role playing game inspired by Planescape: Torment and Kentucky Route Zero. All combat is handled in dialogue, story is everything.